The Challenge

You’re invited to participate in the sixth annual Go Green in the City global business case challenge. Enter now for a chance to revolutionize energy management and gain unique insight into one of the leading global energy management companies.

Select from one of 5 real-life business case challenges within energy management, and submit your solution idea for a chance to win.

The top twelve teams will travel to Paris where they will compete for a trip around the world and a career opportunity with Schneider Electric*.


Fill out profile

Form a team

Submit your solution

Who is eligible to compete?

  • Business and engineering** students pursuing their bachelor’s (at least 2nd year), master’s, or MBA degree are eligible to compete.
  • Go Green in the City 2016 is open to two-member teams with at least one female member (note: both members must comply with the degree requirements stated above).
  • Both of the team members must study in the same country for the duration of the competition. They are not, however, required to be from the same university, nor are they required to study the same subject or be in the same year, as long as they are not in their first year of their undergraduate education.
  • English language competency is required.
  • Teams from all over the world are welcome to compete.

No exceptions can be made regarding the terms of the eligibility requirements.

**All branches of engineering and business programs are accepted.

How it Works - Competition Process

It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Register

  • Create your account and confirm your account. Now you’re ready to take on the challenge!
  • Fill in your Profile. You will also be asked to upload your CV and a photo of yourself (passport size).

2. Team Up

  • Find a teammate with whom you will revolutionize the energy management industry. Your team partner must meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above. You can even search for people to team up with on the competition platform if you don’t have a teammate yet!
  • Form your team by inviting your partner from the Team page and decide on a team name.

3. Submit a Great Idea for Intelligent Energy Management in a City

  • Your task is to come up with an intelligent idea for efficient energy management in a city environment. The idea should address one of the challenges related to growing cities and the energy dilemma, and it should present an innovative solution for the challenge. You can present it as a textual description (max. 300 words) or as an info-graphic. Please see below for format specifications.
  • Work on the case together with your partner, and submit your solution in one of the formats described in detail below. When you are ready, upload the case solution to the Team page. Find inspiration for your case here.

The deadline for your solution submission is 6 PM, CEST, April 19, 2016. Make sure to check what the deadline time is in your country here.

Remember to finalize your competition application!
After uploading your case solution, you will be prompted to finalize your competition application, which is required to complete your application. This is done on your Team page.


The Team Page

Team page is your ‘go-to’ place when it comes to team activities. The Team page is accessible from your Dashboard.

1. After both prospective team members complete their Profiles, you can form a team on the Team page. Simply search for your teammate by their email address and send an invitation. Your partner will receive your invitation and can decide to accept it. That easy!

If you don’t have a teammate, we made it simple for you to find one:

  • Search for a teammate by country, gender, or major. Don’t forget that you must have at least one female teammate per team and both of you must study in the same country!
  • Review user Profiles
  • Send team invitation

Please note that both you and your teammate must each complete all of the required fields on the Profile page before you can form a team.

2. After forming a team, Team page becomes a common space for both of the team members. You will be able to register your team name, upload your team submission, and finalize your application from the Team page.

Please note that both team members must each complete their Profile pages to be able to finalize the competition application.

From the Team page you can also access your Public Team page, which displays your total team score for completing the quizzes. Although taking the quizzes is not compulsory, we encourage you to participate to gain unique insights that will help you develop your idea as well as to compete for Go Green Champs Award. You are also encouraged to share your Public Team page with your friends on social media and collect their recommendations, see below for more details.

You can also invite friends to take part in the challenge via Facebook or email.

Accepted Formats for Your Case Submission

You can choose whether you want to submit your solution either as a textual description or as an infographic visual. See below for the corresponding formats.

EITHER textual description:
Max. 300-word idea description, 12-size Times New Roman or Arial font, .doc or .pdf format, file size max. 1 MB

OR infographic:
Max. 4-slide presentation, including 1 cover slide, .ppt or .pdf format, file size max. 15 MB

Naming Conventions

Make sure the documents you are submitting do not include special characters (such as á,à,ä,ó) in their names.

The case attachment should be named in the following way:

Team member 1 first name_Team member 1 last name_Team member 2 first name_Team member 2 last name_Team name


1. John_Smith_Anna_Garcia_Green_Heros
2. We_Zhang_Li_Jing_Energy_Soldiers

You’re ON With the Go Green in the City 2016 Experience

Complete the Quizzes

Take quizzes to explore the world of Schneider Electric and unlock unique insights into one of the world’s leading energy management companies. Learn and get expert tips for your case!

You will be given the option of completing several quizzes within Schneider Electric’s core areas. Each quiz consists of five timed multiple-choice questions. You will receive 100 points for each correct answer.

Note: completion of these quizzes is not compulsory and will not be considered during your case evaluation.

Go Green Champs Award

On April 1, 2016 Schneider Electric will select the Go Green Champs** — the three teams that have the highest total score for the completed quizzes.

  • The team score is the sum of the points you and your partner receive from solving the quizzes.
  • 100 points will be awarded for each correct answer for multiple-choice questions.
  • As a Go Green Champ, you could win a 30-minute Skype session with one of the previous years’ winners! Competition organizers reserve the right to determine the nature of the reward at their sole discretion.The teams with the top scores will be displayed on the leaderboard. The Go Green Champs will be announced on social media, so be sure to follow us.

Deadline to compete for Go Green Champs Award: March 31, 2016.

Social Media Award

Tell the world about your participation in Go Green in the City 2016! Share the results of your performance in the quizzes and encourage your friends to show their support by writing a recommendation for your team.

  • Get social with your participation and compete for a Social Media Award**.
  • All you need to do is share the link to your Public Team page on social media and invite your friends to leave you a recommendation.
  • The three teams with the highest number of recommendations collected on the Public Team page will win a 30-minute Skype session with a Schneider Electric mentor to give them guidance on preparing their case solution. Competition organizers reserve the right to alter the nature of the reward without prior notice.

Deadline to compete for Social Media Award: March 31, 2016.

Important Dates

  • April 19

    Idea submission deadline

  • May 16

    Global semi-finalists announced**

  • June 30

    Global semi-finals submission deadline

  • July 15

    Finalists announced

  • July 16 - Sept 18

    Preparation for the finals

  • September 19-22

    Final event in Paris

** For the regional semi-finals timeline (East Asia, mainland China, and North America) please see the Semi-finals page.