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Ideas for innovative and efficient energy management for smarter cities

Schneider Electric opens its doors once again for the fifth edition of Go Green in the City, the global business case challenge. In teams of two, students from all over the world are invited to enter the competition and share their revolutionary energy management ideas for a chance to gain unique insight into one of the leading global energy management companies in the world.

The top 12 teams will be invited to Paris in June, 2015 to present their ideas in front of a prominent jury and to compete for a trip around the world and a career opportunity at Schneider Electric*.

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Business and engineering students worldwide, eighteen (18) years of age or older, pursuing a bachelor’s (at least 2nd year), master’s or MBA degree are eligible to compete.

Fill out your profile

Tell us more about yourself and your academic background.

Form a team

Team up with your friend or classmate. Remember: at least one member must be female and both team members must study in the same country for the duration of the competition.

Submit your case solution

Impress the judges with your team’s idea for intelligent energy management for a smarter city.

See how the competition works!

Make the most of your Go Green in the City journey by collecting awards**

Go Green Champs Award

Take quizzes and collect points during the competition period.
3 teams with the highest score will win a 30-minute Skype session with one of the previous years’ winners or an on-site visit to their local Schneider Electric office!

Social Media Award

Let your friends know about your participation in Go Green in the City and collect team recommendations during the competition period!
3 teams with the highest number of recommendations will win a 30-minute Skype session with a Schneider Electric mentor to give them guidance on preparing their case solution.




You can prepare for your case solution by learning more about Schneider Electric and smart cities by taking quizzes and unlocking key insights!

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* The winner can choose Schneider Electric offices in two countries to travel. The specifics of the offered position will match the requirements of Schneider Electric.
** Please note that the results of these awards will not be considered in the evaluation of your case submission. Deadline for Go Green Champs and Social Media Award participation is January 15, 2015.

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